Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

UN Rescue Global Services and some stakeholders in Nigeria have called for peace, unity and peaceful co-existence among about 250 ethnic groups in the country to overcome the current challenges bedeviling the nation.

They made the call at the International Summit for Peace and Unity of Nigeria, in Abuja.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the theme of the summit was Titled: “Promoting Peace within our Borders”.

It was convened by Mr Steve Midalah,  the Chairman UN Rescue Global and Mr Bonaventure Chimee, the National Coordinator, National Youth Development Project; Mr Emeka Rollas, President Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and the Association of Local Governments Employees (ALGON).

The Chairman of the event, Mr Nnoruka Udechukwu,  said progress could not be achieved in the absence of peace and unity.

“I have a message for the youths; don’t allow the politicians to divide you and as the leaders of tomorrow, don’t allow Politicians to misguide you, and cause division among yourselves.

“We are all Nigerians. I did my NYSC  service year in the late 1970s with a Fulani man. He is my best friend. He never saw me as an Igbo man and I never perceived him as a Fulani man. We saw ourselves as Nigerians.

“Tribes are being created by politicians for their own interests.

“The Nigerian Politicians are just playing politics. The youths regardless of tribe and religion needs to allow peace and unity reign among themselves,” Udechukwu said.

The Chairman UN Rescue Global, Mr Steve Midalah, said that peace and unity was very important to the progress and prosperity of any nation.

He said his organisation’s one million classroom project would go a long way to address issues in education in the country.

Midalah also said that the organisation was planning to feed poor Nigerians and Internally Displaced Persons with over 100 million bags of rice.

“We are collaborating with Nollywood and ALGON on these projects.

Dr Law Mefor, a lecturer at the NUJ’s International Institute of Journalism, said Nigeria was a very important project for Africa and the world.

According to him, if anything happens to the unity of  Nigeria, then the entire black race is in trouble.

“Therefore, Nigeria must remain one and indivisible country. All nations, communities and even families have their own peculiar challenges. Nigeria is not an exception.

”The agitation for secession to divide Nigeria is absolutely unnecessary; dialogue, peace and unity remain the only ingredients to achieve progress as a people,” Mefor stressed.

He noted that out of 25 countries in the world that practice the Federal System of Government, Nigeria is the only one without state police.

“Nigeria’s Federalism is only on paper with 48 items on the exclusive list and only 16 items on the concurrent list, so there is no residual list. Thus, there is need for restructuring,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the three-day event that started on June 29 and ended July 1, attracted traditional rulers from across the country, officials of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, the Nigerian military and other relevant stakeholders.

The High point of the event was the traditional dance display by Kilba and Babro Local Dancers. (NAN)

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