Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

The Sage School, an early childhood school has pledged it’s commitment to supporting government initiatives to promote early childhood education.

Mrs Emem Opashi, Founding Director, Sage School, made this known during a zoom meeting on Friday.

Opashi said that in their continued support to the government, the school introduced the ‘SAGE ONLINE’ community as a tool to bring together a wealth of resources in early childhood education that could be assessed by teachers, parents and administrators.

” The SAGE School, started as a dedicated Early Childhood center established in 2013 as a model to provide a well-rounded, research -based, engaging education for families with children aged 6 months to 6 years.

” This year, one of our aims and goals was to seek ways to connect more educators with education solutions and also support more families beyond the same location but that was obstructed by COVID-19.

” With the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the education industry has been one of the hardest hit; and the impact may take years to be restored to its normal state.

” The SAGE ONLINE’ community we developed to support government is a tool to bring together a wealth of resources in early childhood education that can be assessed by teachers, parents and administrators.”

She said if you want to get access to 100s of early childhood education curriculum and teaching resources below is the link;

However, Opashi noted that the tool would create a viable solutions for continued blended learning in the early years (combining online learning with physical) with the creation of new products.

She said it would also enhance how educators, administrators, homeschooling parents and students to having better access to a rich range of resources.

She added that the online tool
would help homeschooling parents get needed help to make learning at home easier while ensuring that educators earn extra income by creating content/resources to host on the platform.

” With this initiative, further support for government projects in terms of resourcing, teaching/learning, curriculum planning and administration can be readily accessed from any location, creating a platform to improve the quality of education in Nigeria and beyond its borders,” she said.

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