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The Metropolitan and Archbishop of Abuja Methodist Church, His Grace, Most Rev’d Michael Akinwale, has appealed to President Bola Tinubu to address the economic hardships facing Nigerians.

The Cleric made the appeal during the 2024 Men’s ‘Work-Week/Father’s Day Thanksgiving Service at the Methodist Cathedral of Unity, Wuse, Abuja on Sunday.

The Archbishop called on Tinubu to take decisive actiona to address the hardship, stressing, a lot of Nigerians were suffering.

“A lot of homes are bleeding at this time. The government should do everything they can to cushion the effect of this battered economy,” he implored.

He highlighted the house high costs of living, which, according to him, has placed basic necessities beyond the reach of the common man.

“This is part of our Divine responsibilities as men. But the truth is that we know that we are equally being challenged by the economy.

“One thing we need to understand is that God is our provider. He is the one who has the ability to provide for us.

“As long as we are resolutely determined as a father to meet up our responsibility, God will always make a way for us.

“To our president, I want him to understand that a lot of home is bleeding at this time.

“The commoners are really complaining. The government should block every conduit pipe where our resources are being drained at the expense of the masses,” he said.


Speaking on the theme “Arise and Build,” the Clergy emphasised the critical role of fathers in the home and the nation.”

“President Tinubu’s led government should do everything they can to cushion the effects of this battered economy. It is becoming very difficult to maintain the family, now, because almost everything has skyrocketed.

“It is far beyond the reach of the common man. As the father of the nation, we want to use this Father’s Day to appeal to the President  passionately, to  address the challenges.

“We understand that, the administration is trying entrench the stability if the economy, but the effect is really telling on the masses,” he said.

Quoting from the Holy Book of Colossians 3:19, the Cleric urged men to love and provide for their families,notwithstanding the economic pressures.

“God is our provider. As long as we are resolutely determined as fathers to meet our responsibilities, God will always make a way for us,” he said

Also speaking, the President, Men’s Fellowship, Archbishop of Abuja Methodist Church, Mr Kayode Beckleg, echoed the same sentiments as the Clergy.

“Truly, the country is tough, the time is hard, but we should all realise that it is only by the grace of God that we are alive,” he said.

Beckleg encouraged men to turn to God, remain hopeful, and not abandon their families. “Whether you lack today, the Lord will always meet you at the point of your need,” he reassured.

On his part, the President, Cathedral Men’s Fellowship, Mr Emmanuel Okereke highlighted the societal consequences of fathers neglecting their roles.

“The family is losing focus, and that is why we have lots of social vices in the country,” he warned.


Okereke urged fathers to reclaim their roles as spiritual and career guides for their families, stressing the importance of participation in church programnes designed to strengthen fatherhood and priesthood


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