Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) Headquarters Chapel, Abuja, has called on its members and journalists across the country to involve in regular physical exercise.

The Chapel’s Chairperson, Sandra Udeike, made the call during a Road Walk and Exercise by members on Saturday in Abuja as part of activities lined up for the Chapel Week.

She said that the Road Walk and exercise would keep members fit and enhance the performances of their duties.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Road Walk is the first event in the celebration of NUJ FRCN Headquarters Chapel Week.

“The essence of the Walk is to ensure that journalists are physically fit to carry on with their constitutional responsibilities, because most times, journalists do not have time to exercise or go to hospital for medical check up

“They are so busy on the job. From morning to night they are all over the places doing their work; so we thought it wise to do the walk which is a form of exercise to enhance physical fitness and healthy well-being.

“I also want to call on journalists to also involve in physical exercise to keep fit, be healthy and perform better on the job,” Udeike said.

In his speech, Ndubueze Chidoka, Chairman, Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), FCT Chapter and a member of NUJ, said if one did not blow his trumpet, no one would blow it for him or her.

“That is why journalists must create time for themselves in terms of relaxation, recreation, sports and otherwise.

“This is because they are busy covering assignments and press conferences but nobody is covering their own issues. I salute the initiative of FCRN Headquarters NUJ.

“These days you see people walking by the roadside and drop dead. At home, you would see a woman cooking and then slump and die.

“So for us to avoid this kind of untimely death, we as journalists must create time to exercise and go for regular medical check-up. This will help us stay healthy on the job,” Chidoka said.

Also speaking, Olayemi Danyan, the Vice Chairman of the Chapel, said, “We believe that being fit and healthy has a role to play in safety and security of the public.

“If for instance, we have a situation where everybody has to run for his or her dear life and we have many people that are not fit to run, then there will be a serious challenge”.

The Secretary of the Chapel, Uzuoma Ogbonna, said the Walk was a great experience for her.

According to her, a lot of journalists and broadcasters take their health for granted.

“Taking this Walk this morning has done me and my colleagues a lot of good, health wise. I hope we do this regularly and I hope journalists will take exercise serious because it impacts on our health and general well-being,” Ogbonna said.

NAN reports that the Chapel Week continues on Dec.14 with medical check-up for members as well as Public Lecture and Awards for deserving organisations on Dec.15.

The theme for the week is: “The Role of Media in Enhancing National Security and Public Safety”. (NAN)

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