Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Nollywood’s cast and crew members have hit locations in the Federal Capital Territory(FCT) for the shooting of “When Wolves Cry”, an advocacy film against the threats of hate speech.

The film is a production of 2ET Media Network, featuring seasoned actors Francis Duru, Steve Eboh, Happy Julian, MC Mbakara and ace cameroonian actress Syndy Emade,among others.

Some of the cast and crew members who spoke to mewsmen in separate interviews on Saturday in shooting locations said they were proud to feature in a film that seeks to combat fake news.

Emmanuel Eyaba, the film Director said the film was a collaboration project that will be shot in Abuja, Cameroon and South Africa.

“When Wolves Cry is the movie I could personally call my dream project for a very long time now because it has to do with the negative effects of fake news in our country, and Africa at large.

“In today’s world there are so much information, with some verified and others fake, which has actually caused a lot of main harms.

“When Wolves Cry, is actually my first Pan African project on Africa in the sense that we are having actors coming from three different countries of Africa to make this film.

“Right now we’re actually shooting the Nigerian scenes and we will be going to South Africa to shoot the South African scenes, and also going to Cameroon to shoot the Cameroon scenes,” he said.

Eyaba, also the Chairman, Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN) Abuja chapter, said plot of “ When Wolves Cry” centres around Raymond Chukwudi, a handsome actor who is looking out for a big break in his acting career.

“Ray C was involved in series of allegations, including a rape case, and the ripples of drama that follow is what makes “ When Wolves Cry” an intriguing blockbuster to watch,” he said.

Francis Duru,who played the role of a senior media executive(Bankole West) , said the highly anticipated film would keep fans of Nollywood glued to their screens

“This is another Good stew, but this time around I will not tell you if we are going to use chicken, croaker fish or catfish, but I just want to assure you that it is going to be beautiful Stew.”

Also, Cameroonian actress Syndy Emade, who played the role of Tatiana in the film expressed delight for shooting in locations in the FCT, and called for more collaborations between African filmmakers.

“I am an advocate for collaboration and I think that is one of the main ways we as Africans can bring everything that we have together.

“It is a win-win situation, and I think that is what is happening right now, and I am excited to be on this project,” she said.

The Director of “ When Wolves Cry” said the world premiere for the film will take place in December in the FCT.

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