Tue. May 21st, 2024
A Nigerian born US-based fraud kingpin, Olu Campbell who is currently on the run following a warrant of arrest issued by Judge Roger Zepeda in Montgomery County State of Maryland, United States of America for theft and Robbery to the tune of $650,000, has been traced to Munyaka Midrand South Africa.
Olu Campbell came to US as an asylum seeker and was involved in a dozen counts of wire fraud and identity theft in connection with a 2 scheme that used Baltimore properties to swindle a Beltsville lender out of more than $664,000.
Olu Campbell with the Instagram handle https://www.instagram.com/olu.bc?igsh=aDkyYnE2ZzRmaXZl also known as Oluseun Oshosanya, Olu Babatunde, Olu Babacamp among other identity is believed to have escaped from USA to Rwanda where he was involved in further criminal activities and
most recently relocated to South Africa where he has become an Instagram celebrity.
Fraud Survivors Network, a group of Fraud Victims in Maryland USA, has called on the international Police (Interpol) and South Africa Security agencies to arrest and deport Campbell back to USA to face criminal charges following the warrant for his arrest issued by a Us Court.
Information obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) showed that Olu Campbell also known as Oluseun Oshosanya, a Nigerian and Maryland USA based notorious cyber criminal was involved in a significant mortgage fraud scheme.
In the case listed as United States vs. Dema Daiga & Olu Campbell, he pleaded guilty to wire fraud related to defrauding a mortgage company of $428,000, a federal jury convicted and sentenced him to 65 months imprisonment.
His Conviction was upheld by the States Court of Appeals for the fourth Circuit Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, at  Baltimore, in the case no. 10-5265 United States of America, Plaintiff – Appellee, v. Olu Campbell, a/k/a Oluseun Oshosanya, Defendant – Appellant.
After serving his jail term, he was released and ordered by the court to institute the full amount he scammed his victims.
He went further into criminal activities including credit card and identity theft and committed $650,000 Wire fraud in Maryland USA.
Campbell was rearrested, arraigned and granted bail but has since jumped bail and escaped from the United States to South Africa where he is currently enjoying his loot.
Jason Anderson, the spokesman of Survivor Victims Network called on South Africans to be wary of Olu Campbell and report him to police for possibly extradition to the united States to face charges bothering on credit card fraud, identity theft and wire fraud.
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