Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Gozeal Mega Care Centre, a Non-Governmental Organisation, (NGO), has reinstated its commitment to supporting humanity and the less privileged in every sphere of the society for national development.

Amb. Emmanuel Obaje Amkpitor, the President of the NGO, gave the assurance in an interview with the journalist shortly after a Special Royal Banquet and awards for newly inducted United Nations Eminent Peace Ambassadors in Abuja.

According to him, the NGO was committed to changing lives of the needy and the less privileged, especially at the rural communities in dire need of help and support.

However, he also emphasised that needs cannot be fully met without a firm commitment from government, Cooperate Organisations and frontline actors to ensure access to people in need of support.

“Our NGO has started touching lives and it is an exposure to the international community so that the needy can be supported.

“People are suffering and they cannot afford a square meal in a day, so if you touch lives now it will be recorded for you in heaven and blessings will follow you.

“The needy has to be considered first and should be a priority to people that are wealthy so that blessings can be with them and that is what the NGO is doing.
“Without unity there will be no peace; so my call to humanity is to ensure that lives are touched and life should be bearable to people.

“There are people suffering today because of the economic hardship faced by the country, so it is important that as many that are blessed especially the NGO should touch the lives of the needy,” he said.

Amb. Emmanuel also called on the international community to scale up engagement with humanitarian NGOs to help facilitate better access to the most vulnerable people in the society.

“The international community should also commit funding to support the scale up-of the global humanitarian response in 2021 and ensure that regional humanitarian appeals are fully funded.

“I also call on the Government through support from humanitarian NGOs to create a centre to analyse humanitarian needs in developing countries,” he said.

Amb. Offor Godwin, the FCT Coordinator of the NGO, congratulated the President of the NGO, for receiving the award and assured of his commitment for the development of the organisation.

He said the awards and Special Royal Banquet, organised by the International Association of World Peace Advocate, a United Nations body, is aimed at encouraging individuals to support humanity and to foster nation building.

Mr Friday Egbo, the Project manager of the NGO, also congratulated the president for receiving the award and his tirless efforts in touching the lives of the vulnerable and less-privileged in the society.

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