Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo is going to face a uphill task if he’s to reclaim his iconic No.7 shirt at Manchester United.

According to English Premier League rules, Ronaldo can’t take No.7 shirt jersey at the Football Club, unless Edinson Cavani, who wears No. 7 leaves or club seek ‘special dispensation

The Portuguese footballing icon has decided to return home to the club at which he first became a global superstar, with the deal officially confirmed on Friday.

When fans started to ponder the question of his shirt number, the immediate reaction was to assume he’d reclaim his famous old No.7.

However, it appears this may not be so simple.
This is because, Premier League rules on jersey number says players must retain the shirt numbers they are registered under, unless they either depart or are granted ‘special dispensation’.

However, such special dispensation has never been granted before.

Section M of the Premier League rulebook says that, while he remains with the club, a player will retain his shirt number throughout the season for which it was allocated.

That means that Ronaldo could not get No.7 unless Edinson Cavani leaves United or United apply for special dispensation from the Premier League board, which is highly unlikely.

United would need to come up with a really good reason why Cristiano Ronaldo should have that No.7 shirt.

As it stands, unless Edinson Cavani leaves Man United in the coming days, which we’re not expecting to happen, then Cristiano Ronaldo is unlikely to be wearing the No.7 after returning

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