Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

An Ilorin-based legal practitioner, Mr Abdulmajeed Yusuf, has urged journalists to prioritise disseminating public enlightenment programmes on people with disability.

Yusuf in San interview on Saturday in Illorin, Kwara State said journalists should focus more on enlightening  the public on how to relate with people with disability as well as campaign against discriminating against them.

According to him, the level of public enlightenment on people with disability was not enough, as many people still discriminate against them and see them as  if they were a virus to be avoided in  society.

” Many people see them as virus and avoid associating with them. The media houses are not doing enough to campaign against the discrimination.

“It is time for journalists to organise disability awareness programmes on radio, television, schools, Churches, Mosques and market places to sensitise the public on the need to treat physically challenged persons  with care and respect.

” Some people stylishly reject and avoid them. They see them as outcasts and a threat to the society.  

“They are specially talented people. Stop running away from them. We need to show love and care for them,” he said.

The legal practitioner also called on governments, at all levels, to help build disability friendly infrastructure.

“They also have the right to good infrastructure like special health care, special schools, special employment consideration and other important facilities for survival.”

The lawyer also urged NGOs  and  religious leaders to organise programmes that would influence and change public perception toward the physically challenged  and earn them a sense of belonging.

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