Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

A coalition of Humanitarian organisations at the weekend provided succor by donating food items and other accessories to Queen Esther’s Orphanage and Children’s home Kabusa, Abuja.

The organisations includes the OCI Foundation, Lions International GVI and Confort Ngumimi Jebe Foundatio (CNJF).

The coalition was led by Comfort Ngumimi Jebe (CNJ) Foundation, a humanitarian organisation that assist sufferers of various forms of trauma cases, especially accident victims and their survivors.

Speaking during the presentation, the Founder of the foundation, Mr Tavershima Jebe disclosed that the CNJ Foundation is motivated by Mrs Cecilia Mbakese JEBE Mother of Mr. Moris Tavershima Jebe whose wife, Mrs.Comfort Ngumimi Jebe (32 years old) died along with their three lovely children; David Iorwuese Jebe Junior (10 years old), Jebe Iwueseter Beauty (7 years old) and Jebe Favour Muthel Dooshima (2 years) in a ghastly motor Accident along Akwanga Nasarawa eggon road 15/9/2019.

According to him, providing for the less privileged gave him joy and that was the main reasons he mobilsed his colleagues after discovering that there is a home in dire need of help.

“Me I don’t have children. Children from the orphanage homes are my children. I came to this orphanage and discovered that people are not aware of its existence”.

“Now am impressed because the last time I came here, all the wall were cracked, there was no floor but I am happy now that they have reached this level.

I came here with my colleagues from other organisations to see how we can support the hope because I discovered that the only support now is basically from the church”, he added

On his part, Deji Ogunlana, the found chairman of Global Visionary Initiative (GVI), said they are group of friends that come together and one of the core objective is to reach out to people in the society and also to empower them.

“We feel fulfilled coming out to assist the needy like this orphanage home”.

He called on Nigerians to come to the aid of home like this as lots of people are suffering from lack in our country today adding that as no matter how little the effort is, it will go a long way to helping the people.

Also, the Abuja central lion Club President, Nicholas Nweke, noted that as an organisation, they see hunger as global challenge.

“Today, we marking world hunger day. We call this activity operation feed the hunger he equally call on Nigerians to come out with the little they have to support the needy”.

In her response, the Proprietress of the Orphanage home, Rev. Esther Tsee disclosed that they have no fewer than 37 children presently resident in the home while others are what she called non-resident orphans who are resident outside the home but came to receive lessons there.

She thanked the coalition for their kind gesture to the home believing that with their support, they can soar higher and see that more children are brought to the home.

“I feel very happy because by seeing you I know that though the journey is far but I know that I can go because I have people that are backing me.

“The journey is not just by one person. With your supporting us, I know that I can go far, almighty God who help and bring you here to support us here will also back you”, she said.

“For me the best life to live is to affect other people positively and to make them happy because we came here with nothing and we are living this place with nothing. The only thing we will leave is our contribution to humanity,” she said.

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