Tue. May 21st, 2024
By Emmanuel Oloniruha, NEWS AGENCY OF NIGERIA 
The People’s Redemption Party (PRP) Governorship Candidate for Edo, Madam Patience Key, urged stakeholders to create a favourable environment where women could participate in politics and attain leadership positions in every aspect of life.
She said that if the atmosphere is favourable to women they would confidently participate in leadership without barriers.
Key, also known as ‘Uwagboe’, in a statement issued on Sunday, in Abuja, to celebrate Mother’s Day, urged stakeholders to strengthen women who aspire to achieve their full potential without limitations.
“On this special day, let us renew our commitment to creating environments that support and strengthen the leadership of women, acknowledging the roles they play in nurturing our society.
“It’s not about the party lines that divide us but about the people who unite us.
“It is about creating a landscape where women can lead with confidence, participate without barriers, and aspire without limitations.
“Let us continue to dismantle the barriers that prevent women from fully participating in all aspects of life.
“Let us pledge to empower the next generation of women to rise without limits, to dream without barriers, and to lead with assurance that their voices are not just heard but are influential,” Key said.
She described Mother’s Day as a day to acknowledge and empower every woman and girl whose resilience, wisdom, and compassion mould the communities and inspire lives.
“Let us continue to champion the cause of women, ensuring they have a seat at every table and a voice in every conversation.
“Together, we can build a society that does not just celebrate women on Mother’s Day but respects, values, and elevates women every day.
“This is the world we strive for, and this is the world we can achieve, with women leading alongside men, as equals, as partners, as leaders,” key said.
The PRP governorship candidate, celebrating mothers said that across Nigeria, women had continue to break barriers and redefine norms in every sphere including politics, education, health and business.
“Globally, women are at the forefront of addressing some of the most pressing challenges of the time, from climate change to political instability, showing an unparalleled knack for leadership that is both transformative and inclusive women’s ability to lead with empathy.
“Women have also demonstrated abilities to negotiate peace, to drive innovation, and to sustain cultures, not just to their communities or countries but to the entire fabric of the world,” she said.
While commending the enduring spirit and boundless dedication of Edo women, Key described them as the custodians of culture, the pioneers of change, and the guardians of the future.
She said that their hands had not only rocked the cradles but also built the edifice of the society.
Key also commended the courage of Edo women especially Omosede Igbinedion, Dr Victoria Amu and Dr Loretta Oko, who stood as governorship aspirants in the Edo 2024 elections.
She said though their paths in political endeavours were in different parties, their shared commitment to the empowerment and develop Edo community bonded them together.
“You have demonstrated immense dedication and leadership, which have not only inspired many but have also laid a foundation of hope and resilience. I am honoured to have contested alongside such exemplary leaders.
“In our diverse journeys, these women have proved that leadership knows no boundaries and is truly about serving the people.
“As the only female governorship candidate in the Edo 2024 election, I stand on a platform that believes deeply in the power of people.
“PRP is a testament to our commitment to democracy that is built from the ground up, reflective of every citizen’s voice,” she said.
Key urged Edo and Nigeria women to let Mother’s Day be a reminder of their inherent power, undeniable potential, and indispensable role in shaping a better world.
“You are not just making history; you are crafting the future. May we all draw inspiration from your strength, and may your light continue to guide us forward.”

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