Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Mr Ebenezer Akarah, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BTC Bars Group, has advocated digital literacy to give Nigerians the capacity to explore legitimate business opportunities on the internet.

Akarah stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja.

He also called on business owners across the country to increase their visibility on the internet to gain more clients and business opportunities.

According to him, the country is not digitally enlightened, which shows low level of digital literacy and such is not positively affecting businesses in the country.

“We in BTC Bars Group promote digitisation. I will like to see more businesses in Nigeria go digital, because when you go digital, you establish your presence on the World Wide Web.

“With that, you can get clients from different countries of the world. That is the advantage of going digital.

“The world is going digital now and without digital literacy and online visibility, one would be left behind,” he said.

Akarah said he became a millionaire through buying bitcoins at the age of 15 because he was exposed to the computer and the internet at a very young age.

He maintained that if all Nigerians were exposed to digital literacy, the rate of unemployment would crash down to zero and the economy of the country would be strong and blossom.

He said innovation ruled the world, adding that some companies were currently producing electric cars without smoke to reduce air pollution in the environment.

“That is what innovation can do. Business owners in Nigeria should be more innovative via revitalisation, which should be devoid of fraudulent activities,” he said.

Akarah also explained that the fraudulent activities of internet influencer, Ramon Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi and others, had given Nigeria a bad image on the internet.

“But the truth is Nigerians are not fraudulent. I know we have some bad eggs, but generally, Nigerians are good, hard working people who can do multiple jobs to survive and take care of their families.

“We have good musicians in Nigeria. Some are not doing so well, not because they are not talented, but because they lack the digital platform to push their songs to global audience,” said Akarah.

He is of the view that digitisation is the best strategy to boost businesses and implores Nigerians to acquire digital skills to boost the economy and improve their standard of living (NAN)

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