Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Evolving Women in Politics (EWIP) the United States of America (USA) branch, has held its first meeting in the USA and has called for adequate paricipation of women, especially in the Political arena of Nigerian politics for national development.

The USA EWIP Coordinator, Princess Olajumoke Akintunde JP, who disclosed this in a statement in Abuja, said EWIP is an NGO, aimed at seeking greater inclusion of Women and youth in Governance at all Levels in the country.

She said as the 2023 general elections draws nearer, the organisation would actively engage and support Women and Youhs to participate fully in the elections.

The statement said that, “Good afternoon my fellow brothers and sisters, thank you very much for attending our First Evolving Women in Politics get together.

“Most especially thank you to everyone who traveled near and far, who endured traveling inconveniences and those who couldn’t even make it.

“We love and appreciate each and every one of you. Special shot out to my sisters from Texas whose flights were cancelled and through that they persevered still made every effort to be here. We honor you ladies because you have shown us the resilience of EWIP.

We understand that many could not be here today because of flight issues and we thank you for even making an effort.

EWIP is a community of great women, doing great things for the betterment of society. Can we give ourselves a round of applause.

Yes, because EWIP is for all of us. This is your club, our club and together we can achieve great things,” she said.

Princess Olajumoke, who thanked members that came from near and far to participate in the first meeting, urged women to register and collect their PVCs and participate fully in the general elections come 2023.

Hon. Olamide Davies Talabi, Vice Coordinator – EWIP USA Chapter said the voice of women should be heard in the society and must stand to make an impact in policy changes and decisions that will affect women collectively.

The Vice Coordinator added that participation of more women in the running of affairs of the nation would encourage sound decision-making and national development of the country.

“As Women our voice in governance needs to be heard loud and clear in the society and we must stand to make an impact in policy changes and decisions that will affect us collectively.

“We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s interest are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored.

“I am very optimistic about EWIP USA chapter, the women understand the objective and mission of EWIP and are ready to collectively make it work hence the reason for our very successful first meet-and-greet in New Jersey.

“We won’t rest until women become more relevant in politics especially back home in Nigeria,” she said.

The USA Ewip Secretary, Morenike Okusanya, on her part said the organisation also seeks to encourage, empower and women while making a difference in the society.

She however, encouraged women to Love one another as it is a universal language that is spoken by all to overshadow ethnic and religious divide which has been the bane of politics and policy making in the country Nigeria.

“Our first EWIP-USA was a success! After weeks of planning and meeting, the committee executed an excellent gathering.

“At EWIP, we encourage, empower, and support each other all while making a difference in society. I am EWIP, you are EWIP and together we will make a positive difference,” she said. (NAN)

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