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The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Nigeria held an event on 10th December 2020 to donate 30,000 made-in-Korea diagnostic kits to the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19(PTF).

This event was held to convey deep consolation and appreciation for the efforts of the Nigerian Government and the PTF, who are doing their best to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Foreign media are paying attention to the fast test time and high accuracy of the Covid-19 diagnostic kit produced in Korea.

The reason why the Korean-made Covid-19 diagnostic kit is in the spotlight is because of its rapid test and high accuracy that can confirm infection within 4 hours.

At the beginning of the spread of coronavirus, there was no dedicated test method, so the Pan-coronavirus test method was used.

If a patient’s sample was collected and it tested positive for coronavirus, it was compared with six coronaviruses including SARS and MERS.

As a result of the comparison, if the virus from the patient does not match the existing coronavirus,

it was confirmed as Covid-19. Since the sample had to go through two steps after collection, the test took 1-2 days.

However, domestic Korean companies have reduced the test time down to 4 hours by using a real-time gene amplification test (Real Time RT-PCR) method that amplifies the virus after collecting a sample of a patient, replicating a large amount of genes.

The accuracy of the result reaches 80-85%. Considering that the accuracy of diagnostic kits made in China or Europe is less than 80%, this means a more accurate diagnosis in a short time.

The South Korean Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Lee In-tae  said it was his great pleasure to attend the Handover Ceremony of COVID-19 PCR test kits to the Government of Nigeria.

“I would also like to use this opportunity to commend the Nigerian Government for its hard efforts and great success in the fight against COVID-19.

” in these challenging times, I wish to reaffirm Korea’s strong solidarity with the people of Nigeria. Korea will continue to support Nigeria so that together, we can win this war against COVID-19.

“This year also marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Nigeria.

“We have been friends for a long time, and I am confident to say that during my service as the Korean Ambassador, our relationship has become rock-solid like the Zuma Rock.

“When the pandemic first hit Nigeria and you reached out to the world to seek support, Korea was there to hold your hand.

“The Korean Government supported your efforts to battle the disease by providing Korean facial masks and PPEs both to the Federal and State Governments. We also provided palliatives for local communities.

“Many Korean companies also joined our efforts to assist Nigeria. Samsung Heavy Industries donated 5,000 PCR test kits to the Federal Government. Hyundai Motors donated PPEs worth 35 million Naira to the Government of Lagos State.

“And now, I am proud to deliver another 30,000 PCR test kits to Nigeria. They say “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” Nigeria can always count on us in times of need, because we are true friends,” he said..

He wish every Nigerian safety and good health.

“On Dec. 8th, first COVID-19 vaccination took place in the United Kingdom. Hopefully, the people around the world, including Nigerians, will soon be able to receive vaccination so that we can be free from COVID-19.

“Let us pray that soon we will be able to smile and meet without face masks like the good old days. Until then, we shall join our hands and overcome this pandemic together,” he said.

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