Sun. Apr 21st, 2024


Advocacy Centre for Development (ACD), an NGO, has urged the Kano State House of Assembly to exercise caution in agitations for a review of the law establishing current Kano State Emirates Councils.

The group made the call in an open letter signed by its Executive Director, Ibrahim Yusuf, to the Speaker of Kano State House of Assembly, on Tuesday in Abuja.

Yusuf said the group was disturbed by the persistent fuss on the new emirates councils created in Kano, sometimes in 2019 by the former Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje.

He reminded the speaker that all states in Northern Nigeria were connected to Kano State, either directly or indirectly.

He added that all social, economic and political decisions in the state had a tendency to affect the residents of other states either positively or negatively.

“It is therefore for this reason, all residents of Northern Nigeria have a moral right to speak about the happenings in Kano, by way of sharing their thoughts with a view to help in providing advice that could help in arriving at a sensible and wise decision.

“It is on this note; we wish to use this opportunity to draw your attention on the likely implications of responding to agitations to woo you and the House of Assembly, to abolish the additional emirates councils.

“This is because; the atmosphere is not even conducive to contemplate such action,” he said.

According to him, it is ill-timed as the decision needs careful thought and wisdom, to avoid further polarisation of the Traditional Institutions or create further enmity amongst the people of Kano State.

He said that it could also destroy the little integrity left of the Traditional Institutions in Northern Nigeria.

“Right Hon. Speaker, let us put this on record that we were never in support of what the former governor did to the original Kano Emirate, as it has grossly damaged the integrity of traditional institutions in Northern Nigeria.”

He, however, said that there was the need to exercise caution in an attempt to correct such wrongs, adding that the situation required wisdom, careful thought and maturity to be handled.

“Therefore, a respected Institution like the House of Assembly, especially under your stewardship, should not succumb to agitations on the basis of sentiments,” he said.

Yusuf said the letter was informed by the love the group had for Kano State and the people, to draw the attention of the speaker on the imminent blunder he would be making by toeing the path.

According to him, it has not been long, Kano State got itself from the turmoil of imminent political crisis, and therefore we cannot afford to use our money to invite another problem which the consequences may not be in our favour.

He said the group had a duty to allow innocent citizens to remain in peace, urging the assembly to avoid creating another problem which might take away the relative peace the residents currently enjoy.

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