Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

A group of motorcycle heads whoassociate themselves with DMX have rolled up to pay tribute to the man himself, which made for an awesome scene.

A reporter was on the ground onSunday, outside the White Plainshospital where X is currently being treated following his drug overdose and  heart attack.

She captured a massive group of bikers pulling up across the street and gathering for what appeared to be a flash mob event.

It is not clear what their plans are, but what is clear is that they were there for X; many of them were seen rocking the ‘RR’ brand, which is tied to X’s pride and joy.

Ruff Ryders appears to encompass a wide reaching community of members – and they seem to have a biker community too.

The crowd was blasting DMX music too. It seems they were hoping he and his loved ones can hear them from inside.

It made for a super sweet moment, and itsounds like more of a demonstration isforthcoming. 

What this also speaks to is DMX’s massive crossover appeal amongdifferent audiences, because he is a hip-hop legend, but his fan base is incrediblydiverse.

The Ruff Ryders first came onto the scene back in the late 90s, when X put out an anthem dedicated just to them. 

In the offcial music video, X employed a lot of motorcycles and motorcycle stunts, so he was definitely about that subculture even back then.

Ruff Ryders went on to become its own label imprint, and eventually grew in to an entertainment company at large. 

However, no word on how many people are officially affiliated these days, but even today, it is obvious, when they roll, they roll deep, especially when it is to support their founding members.

As at the time of writing this report, the 50-year-old New York born rapper, singer and actor is still in the hospital with medical personnel trying to save his life.

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