Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

The Climate and Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet) has stressed the need to protect migratory birds.

The group said it would be done in collaboration with Nigeria Civil Society Framework on Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (NCSFPAS).

This was contained in a statement by CSDevNet in Abuja on Monday to mark World Migratory Day 2021 with the theme: Sing, Fly, Soar- Like a Bird.

Pius Oko, Project Officer, CSDevNet noted that the annual campaign was to raise awareness on migratory birds and the need for international cooperation to conserve them and their habitats.

Oko said migratory birds lifted our spirits and reminded us of nature, as it connects people and the ecosystems.

Oko, therefore, said the 2021 theme appealed to people around the world to use their own voices and creativity to express shared appreciation of birds and nature.

” For many people, especially during the pandemic, bird songs has been a source of comfort and joy,” he said.

Dr Ibrahim Choji, Board Chairman CSDevNet said that birds migration enabled people to reflect on their relationship with nature.

According to him, there is need to do more to protect birds and nature in a post-pandemic world across the globe.

Choji also noted that migratory birds had crucial roles across different regions, as they maintained natural ecosystems and sustained people’s livelihoods.

“These birds don’t just control the numbers of pests and insects that will otherwise plague our natural environments and our crops, they help in transporting seeds round the world in addition to providing nutrients for humans.

“In fact, the seeds of over 90 per cent of all woody tree species are moved around by birds,” he explained.

He further explained why migratory birds needed protection, as migration was a perilous journey involving a wide range of threats, often caused by human activities, climate change, habitat loss and more.

“Migratory birds depend on a range of sites along their distribution area, the loss of wintering and stopover sites can have a dramatic impact on the birds’ chances of survival.

“Flying long distances involves crossing many borders between countries with differing environmental politics, legislation and conservation measures.

“Thus, international cooperation among governments, NGOs and other stakeholders is required along the entire flyway of species in order to share knowledge and to coordinate conservation efforts, ” he said. (NAN)

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