Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Mr Tajudeen Toyin-Oke, an accountant has called on the Federal Government and citizens to put more efforts on ethics and value reorientation to curb corruption and insecurity in the country.

Toyin-Oke, an author, made the called on Thursday in Abuja at the launch of his book titled “The Ethical Dilemma” with the rider ‘Charting a bold and new path for Ethics and Values in Nigeria’“

The 189 pages book looked at the question of where are we ethically, where we use to be in the 1960s and where we are today.

“Once upon a time, a market woman can leave what she is selling by the road side and go and pray and come back after some hours, and her goods would still be in order.

“Successive governments over the yeas have introduced policies, programmes and agencies that would reorient us on ethics and values that would help shape our attitude and approach to nationalism.

“The essence of the book is to advocate for institutionalise Agency that would be in charge of  ethics and values so that the citizens can be reoriented and this will help curb corruption and criminality in our society,” he said.

Toyin-Oke who is currently the Managing Director of Baltimore Tax and Financial Consult in the United States said he was moved to write the book after he came back from America and observed non compliance to traffic light and other laws.

Rep. Olesegun Odebunmi, Chairman House Committee on Information, National Orientation, Ethics and Values said the book articulately research on issues of ethics and values in Nigeria. 

According to Odebunmi, the negative values people have imbibed in the pass decades have make them to look at individual goods than public purpose. 

“The order of the day now is lack of respect for elders and parents, pursuant of materialism. Now, it is scratch my back and I scratch yours. 

“This is very bad and thus there is the need for reorientation. The National Assembly has passed the Bill on the establishment of a Commission for Ethics and Values since the eight assembly, and I hope soon it would become a law,” he said. 

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)reports that Odebunmi was represented by his Special Assistant Abdul Rauf.At the launch,

Dr Charlse Mensah said citizens were quick to blame the government without thinking of what they could contribute to the Development of the country.

“Nigerians will obey rules, regulations and laws when they are in a foreign land, but once they come back home, from the Airport, they will disrespect orders and rules in Nigeria. Common COVID-19 regulations at Airport, they would not comply.

“We need to think of how we can contribute to the solution of solving challenges facing the country. We need to imbibe positive ethics and values to make the country good for all.

“We need to be patriotic in our words, thoughts and actions in everything we do,” Mensah stressed.

Speaking, retired Col. Ademola Lawal commended Toyin-Oke for taken such a bold step in writing the book.

Lawal said with the high rate of indiscipline in the country, the country needed to installed positive ethics and values in its citizens.

“If people can read the book, it would go a long way to impact on their lives, work place, work ethics and all that”.

NAN reported that the event brought together stakeholders, family and friends of the author both physically and virtually. (NAN)

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