Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

An Islamic Scholar from Zimbabwe, Sheik Mufti Menk, has charged students of Glisten International Academy on living a responsible life to attain greater heights.
Menk was speaking during a visit to the school in Abuja on Wednesday.
He also advised the students to choose their friends so as not to be misled in taking decisions that would jeopadise their success in life.
” I want to tell you something, Allah has given you opportunities so use those opportunities because there are opportunities people don’t have. So seize the opportunity in life.
” The second is for you to have good friends and be a good friend because at your age, there will be time you are young and you have energy to run around and you will want to be mischievous.
” I want to teach you something very easy during this period, when you need to hide from someone to do something you want to do do not do it because you cannot hide from Allah.
” And if you are ashamed of something you want to do wether it is pinching, stealing, cheating, conniving, looking at videos that are not good, if you need to hide from your parents or teachers, don’t do it,” he said.
Mufti urged the students as they are growing older to always endeavour to do the right things while also concentrating on the religion and morality.
According to him, Islam is a religion that does not allow something that will harm someone.
He said that for a child to aspire to be the president of the country or a renowned person in the society, all forms of ill acts must be dealt with.
He, therefore, said that being responsible has connection with the kind of friends they keep.
Also, another well-known Islamic scholar in the United State of America, Sheik Muhammad Salah, admonished the students to learn the Quran as they engage in their formal education.
Salah called on parents to ensure their children have Quranic knowledge which would continue to be of benefit to them and those around them.
” Allah has made the glorious Quran easy to be recited, to be understood and you must memorise and act upon it.
” The message of Allah is on the superiority of those who have knowledge. When you make an effort, Allah will not let it be in vain.
“You invest in learning, you invest in teaching your children, that is not going to be wasted and it’s is not only about a degree, learning will come to an end but Almighty Allah is saying that your reward after this is the knowledge of Allah.
” Every time the children offer prayers there is reward, every time they read the book of Allah with strength and guidance they will be honored and rewarded as well,” he said. (NAN)

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