Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

The Unity School Old Students Association (USOSA) has pledged to continue to realign Nigerian mindsets toward good governance.

The President General of USOSA, Mr Lawrence Wilbert, was speaking at the 39th Annual General Meeting of the association in Abuja.

The meeting with the theme, ” Project Nigeria Unites: Unity and Good Governance, Panacea for Sustainable Development, was aimed at creating effective change through participation of members in elections.

Wilbert said for the country to get its educational sector right, there was need to put in place leaders that would change a trajectory role leading to the advancement of the sector.

” You see education needs funding, education needs the right guidance, teachers, administrators and all that can only be when you have purposefully leadership.

“And when you have all those things you will understand what a country with good governance stands for and that is where USOSA come into play.

” So, in all that we do we are still trying to realign the mindsets of Nigerians through USOSA to get into politics.

” In order words, once we get governance right, we can be sure that we will get education right. So what we need to do now is to support our own interested in going into politics,” he said.

He, therefore, urged USOSA members to take advantage of the unity colleges to unite Nigeria.

Also, Capt. Ibrahim Mshelia, who is the special guest of honour said that USOSA has charged USOSA members contesting in the 2023 elections not to retard while calling on fellow members to support their goals.

“The truth is that without unity in us nothing can happen so what we need to do as Nigerians is to wake up and also know that is not all about tribe.

“Unity is not all about religion, is not all about you expertise, is not all about turn by turn or anything, it is about what you can do for this country.

“We are all bleeding as people in government and the people not in government so the time is to now take the unity with philosophy and ideology and move forward to unite as credible people,” he said.

The vice president general of USOSA, Mr Michael Magaji commended the government for the initiative at establishing unity schools, while saying that the glory of the school must be returned to its original status.

Magaji said that the association had re-engaged with its alumni at bringing back the glory of the schools through provision of infrastructural facilities.

“The Nigerian government invested in us and we in our part must also give back and provide example of what a united Nigerians is all about.

“We believed that alumni relations with public schools are very key in helping to redeveloped, redesigned and promote those schools.

“The alumni and unity schools have been there for the past 60 years, so many of alumni are well to do in different part of the public and private sectors and that are doing all they could to develop our schools,” he said.

He appealed to the government to partner with the association in helping to refurbish and remolding the schools assets.

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