Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

United Kingdom-based medical practitioner, Dr Charles Ojukwu, has called on the federal government to amend the Electoral Act to provide for Diaspora voting in future elections.

Ojukwu, an indigene of Ogbu Abatete in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra, made the call in an interview in Abatete on Sunday.

Ojukwu said, including the Diaspora voting would enable Nigeria Diaspora Community to vote wherever they reside without returning home.

“I flew into Nigeria to participate in this election and I equally did same during the governorship election in Anambra in November 2021.

“But if the Electoral Act is amended to allow the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to make provision for Diaspora voting, I will vote from wherever I based,” he said.

Ojukwu noted that the impact of the Diaspora Community in the overall development of the country is enormous to be ignored.

Commenting on the Presidential and national assembly elections, Ojukwu applauded INEC for what he called ‘significant’ progress made in the electoral process.

“I voted here during the November, 2021 governorship election and I must say that a lot have improved in the way INEC is operating.

“Like in my polling unit, we initially recorded some hitches which made us to commence voting about 9.0am,  but when they begun everything went smoothly,” he said.

Ojukwu appealed to the Commission to ensure that the people’s choice reflects in the final results they will publish, saying, that is the only way to ensure Nigerians have confidence in the Commission.

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