Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

The Teen and Fire Leadership, has equipped the Nigerian Students with leadership capacity and skills in order to be the leaders of tomorrow and the future of Nigerians.

Speaking at the an annual event which is in focus of SS2 students of public and private schools in FCT, the founder of the group, Tegiri Jerry Chunu, explained that teenagers were the cradle of development of the society and if neglected could become a major problem to leadership at their youthful age.

According to him, the teens leader-shift project is designed as collaborative efforts in youths development, civic and leadership education.

“The project which were annually engage SS2 students from private and public school in the FCT, designed to build leadership capacity in teens with focus on public service.

“Instill the right culture of service and encourage patriotism and bridge the generational gap between presents and future leaders.

” It also encourage Inclusion with a sense of relevance among teens.

“It enable future leaders to gain practical knowledge with health interest in governance and politics with understanding of the electoral process.

“It also democratise the installation of perfects and raise social change agents,” he said.

He further stressed that the organisation was working to give the teens a sense of commitment to the development of their communities, states and nation at large.

He also called on government to assist them in carrying this projects for the good and the development country.

On his part, the International President,
Threshold Christian Network International Regional Director, Prosper Isichei, said the future of Nigerians lied in the hands of the teenagers

“If they are aware, empowered, equipped and release to be the best they can be then we assure that there is hope for Nigerians.

“So like the teenage that want to transform our nation my nation my responsibility.

“Education is not a scam, certification will be a scam when you are pursing to get just the certificate an educational certificate just to endorse myself that could be a scam because is not going to be useful in the world that we live in today.

“But education is the training, character and learning is very important so education is about acquiring your skills, talents, inner deposit (gifts) holding them and bringing the best out of them so that you can excel that is where education becomes very relevant.

” Sometimes we think about big things that is actually the little things,” he said.

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