Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Glisten International Academy has canvassed for the development and reorientation of children’s mind toward having a positive approach that would lead to nation building.

The Deputy Head, School Administration, Mr James Ali, said this at the school’s annual education fair in Abuja on Wednesday.

Ali said that the education fair was apt as it would help add value to the generality of the people.

“We believe the nation Nigeria can change the world at large, so therefore, we have started the mission of nation building by developing and orientating the minds of the children towards positive and developmental approach.

“We had given them (students) the foundational part of education and we believe education is a lifelong process which starts from childhood and even to adulthood.

“We believe that as soon as they graduate from school, learning is meant to continue, so we select schools across the globe, bring them together and we design the career day for the students to choose their career path,’’ he said.

The deputy head also said that career mentorship given to the students would facilitate the development of value system and self-consciousness of the society.

According to him, when you look at the nation today, a lot need to be done to put the nation at the top of performance worldwide.

“We have every natural resources we can ever think of a nation should have but nothing seems to be working positively for the nation.

“And we need these children to start thinking positively and right so that what we have they can put it to use,” he added.

The Guest Speaker at the occasion, Mrs Olajumoke Ekehinde, said it was important for parents, guardians to help guide the students in chosen their career path rather than be authoritative in their decisions.

Ekehinde, School Administrator, Rangefield Preparatory School, Abuja said parents doesn’t want their children to fail, adding that ”We have a mindset of how we see our children or what we want them to be in future.

“Most times you hear parents say: I want my children to do better than what I did, in doing so a lot of them misguide the children by putting them in that ‘box’ of wanting them to be what they want them to be.

“And I will not blame them entirely as I will say it is the love they have for their children but that is fast reducing presently as we are beginning to understand the dynamics of other career choices.

“And that all careers are good, all careers have potential and that students can excel in the career they choose and all we need to do is to support them,” she said.

A parent, Mr Michael Mozie, called on parents not to super-impose their wish on their children but create a platform for them to choose their driven career.

“Parent is a guide to a child, so we should help the child to actualise his dream, to follow his passion and we should not impose what we want on our children but rather we should encourage them to take their path,” he said.

An SS3 student of the school, Oluwatosin Obasanya commended the school authority for organising the education fair, saying that it would enable them strategise on focusing on their desired career while transiting to higher education.

“I believe it will give me a lot because transition from SS3 to the university is a new experience and it gives a lot of pressure to do well and make the right decision so this gives a lot of prospect on how we can transit in a better way,” she said.

The event featured presentations from representative institutions and talk show by some students.

In attendance were Africanada Educational Services, Zeta Brent Education Limited, Nile University, Philomath University and Kampus Group, among others.(NAN)

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