Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

An Ile-Tuntun Customary Court in Ibadan on Thursday dissolved the 12 year-old marriage between Olugboyega Ibrahim, a private security guard and his wife, Sadia due to her unfaithfulness.

In his judgment, Chief Henry Agbaje, President of the court held that peace was essential for any marriage to succeed and dissolved the marriage since it was lost between both parties.

He said that the child produced by the union was already of age and was permitted by law to stay with his father.

Agbaje, however, warned that custody of the child might be given to Sadia if he was not properly catered for.

Olugbeyega had approached the court to dissolve his marriage to his wife for her unfaithfulness.

While testifying before the president of the court, Olugbeyega said that his wife refused to stay in the apartment he rented for her so as to continue to sleep with different men.

He also said that his estranged wife refused him access to his child.

“As soon as Sadia got pregnant for me, I got her an accommodation to make things easy for her, but she didn’t live there and I complained to her elder sister after six months.

“After delivering my child, I found out that Sadia was pregnant again, this time for one of her concubines. In spite of providing all the necessities required by my child, she has refused to allow me access to him.

“Sadia and her senior sister even got me arrested by the police for requesting to see my child,” Olugboyega said.

Sadia, however, refused to comment on getting pregnant for another man while still married to Olugboyega and instead raised new issues.

After her consent to the suit, Sadia said that she did not study Olugboyega properly before allowing him to impregnate her.

“Olugboyega is not somebody I can marry and I even wanted to abort the pregnancy, but my sister prevailed on me. When I initially allowed him to take the child occasionally, he couldn’t take care of him.

“The boy told me that he usually takes him along whenever he went on his security job overnight. Besides, Olugboyega lives in an uncompleted building, no wonder the boy became skinny before I took him away,” Sadia said.

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