Sat. Apr 1st, 2023


An Abuja school, Toddlers Haven and Everest Height International Academy, says it is exploring the creativity of its students to turn waste into creative production and the school, green.

Dr Olubukola Dosunmu, Director of Toddlers Haven and Everest Height International Academy, disclosed this on Saturday in Abuja at a Family Fun Fiesta of the school.

Dr Dosunmu harped on the importance of waste as useful materials for the country that could be harnessed to produce other things for economic growth of the country.

“We take advantage of this once a year to do an event like this; there are lots of activities going on.

“We have Lego, the soccer tournament, exhibitions on STEM and even our waste programme; we are working towards having a green school.

“We all know that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), one of the key things it is pushing for is managing waste; you know the challenge that waste is already causing for us in the world- the plastic waste, paper and all that.

“So, what we are trying to do is to get children to see the various creative ways, on their own, that they can recycle stuff and we know that there is a vision; it’s not something we can get through overnight.

“It is going to take a while but, ultimately, it is for our school to be a green school, to propagate it; where we manage waste and recycle it.”

Dosunmu said that the government’s Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) project should be properly funded so that children’s abilities could be developed in the various skills.

“The STEAM is part of the activities that the children do in schools; so what they’ve just done is to identify certain science experiments that are fun.

“But, in as much as it’s fun, they have roles they play with all the machines and technologies around our lives so the fun side is what the teachers want the children to explore today,”Dr Dosunmu said.

Mr Tunmise Emmanuel, a science teacher called for more investment in science.

According to him, giving attention to science-related subjects will foster efforts to advance technology-driven societies.

“The idea behind science is that it helps develop skills in students like critical thinking and collaborations; it helps to develop an idea of working as a team and also to help develop creativity.

“I believe that an investment in science is an investment for the future; it is an investment for the advancement of technology and a better life,” Emmanuel said.

Mr Qasim Busari, also a science teacher urged the government to support the funding of science laboratory equipment in schools to enable children learn science more easily as no nation could develop without science.

“Science, in general is a way of life; for example, what we do here now is to make the students to be able to make an atomic model and arrange it to form some microbiological stuff.

“So that when they make it, it makes them develop their ideas in science.

“In this school, we are able to produce an automatic switchover that works in such a way that, when you are using a generator system, there is no need for you to switch off your generator system when there is return of light from NEPA (Public Electricity Supply),” Busari said.

The fun fiesta also featured a soccer competition between the Rashidi Yekini Club and the Samuel Okparaji Club of the school.

The School’s Coach, Mr James Taiwo, said there was a need to catch the children young in football by harvesting players from schools in the grassroots rather than depending on foreign players.

According to him, football is a game that unites the world, hence, the country can take advantage of the game to unify the country irrespective of tribe and religion.

“I want to urge the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Nigeria Football Association (NFA) and the interim management committee of Nigerian Club sides that we can harvest children from schools at the grassroots.

“Some of them are talented. We shouldn’t only look at the people from abroad; I think the students here are worthy and they have that ability to also deliver, if well mentored.

“Football unites us as a country and I hope, if we can actually put more interest in football, we are going to do well as a country,” Taiwo said.

Mrs Grace Oyewale, Head of the School, appealed to the government to help identify children with talents all over the country to make the national team players.

“Like you are all aware, the world cup is ongoing and we actually are using the opportunity to make children understand the importance of team spirit, sportsmanship and of the love that comes with sports.

“And the ability of coming together as one; that is why we are having this.

“It is actually the school’s end of year programme; the essence is just to bring children together to unwind after the examinations.

“Team spirit and sportsmanship is one avenue to unite people and make people settle their differences.

“Where people have the understanding that, when you don’t win, you can still relate with your brother and live in love and in peace.

“If we can have that reasoning and go into sports, I believe our differences can be put aside and, as a nation, we can be unified through sports,” Mrs Oyewale said.

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